Keep Safe & Protected

Dark nights are drawing in – Be prepared!

Be Safe – Be seen

As the clocks go back, get ready for the dark, colder nights and make sure you have everything you need to keep safe & warm.

Walking, running or on your daily commute, the importance of visibility can not be underestimated. have a full range of Health & safety products to keep you protected.

High Visibility Clothing

The range of high visibility clothing on includes various types of work wear such as vestsjackets and trousers that come in a selection of visibility classes. The brands that we source our high visibility clothing from include Portwest and Dealer Workwear.

• High visibility clothing is a type of personal protective equipment which is used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The main purpose of high visibility clothing is to make people wearing it more visible which especially important for environments where there are poor lighting conditions or places such as warehouses or factories where a lot of industrial machinery is used. As with most of protective work wear, high visibility clothing has to meet certain requirements and safety standards such as EN 471:2003 which is the European standard for high visibility clothing.

• The EN471 standard describes 2 main characteristics in high visibility clothing which are the minimum area of conspicuous materials and the retro reflection level. There are 3 levels that describe how much is the material conspicuous. Class 1 is the lowest level of visibility, class 2 provides an intermediate level of visual protection and class 3 is the highest level of visibility available in high visibility clothing.

• The quality of light reflection is described as 1 for clothing that is less visible and 2 is applied to high visibility clothing that is more visible. This metric applies to light reflection in dark/night condition when headlights are pointed towards high visibility clothing.

• When shopping for high visibility clothing you will see both of these properties included in products specifications in format EN471 x : y, where x stands for conspicuous and y for light reflection of the materials.

• It is extremely important for the safety and comfort of use to choose the correct type of high visibility clothing which is suitable for particular type of work. Like any professional work wear, high visibility clothing should be comfortable and allow easy movement for the user. Workplace temperature should also be considered when deciding on high visibility clothing as some environments are great to wear lightweight vests or overalls whereas places like food warehouses or outdoor locations require high visibility jackets and trousers.

Snickers Workwear

Snickers Workwear are technical, innovative high-quality garments developed for professional craftsmen and craftswomen. The collections: AllroundWork, FlexiWork, LiteWork and RuffWork are comfortable and durable workwear that suits every need and are optimised for different types of workdays.

The AllroundWork collection offers true versatility when you need to be ready for everything. The garments are designed with amazing fit and exceptional functionality. A modern collection of workwear that emphasizes fit, protection and comfort, this is an excellent and safe choice for everyday use.

The LiteWork collection offers great thermal comfort with its light, quick-drying material that is designed to keep you cool and comfortable all day. LiteWork garments ensures you stay fresh, dry, and comfortable in warmer climates. Equipped with 37.5® technology, the LiteWork collection provides optimal moisture transport for working comfort.

FlexiWork collection provide optimal working comfort, especially for work the call for a lot of flexibility. The garments are light weight and highly durable. FlexiWork features a body-mapped design that has been carefully constructed to form to your body for the best possible fit.

RuffWork collection have been carefully designed to provide long lasting protection in rough conditions. The workwear is highly protective and has exceptional fit and comfort. The garments are constructed with hardwearing fabrics and has been designed with functionality and durability in mind.

Being instantly seen and discovered can be a life-saver in hazardous work environments. High-visibility clothing is a vital part of personal protection when working in dim light conditions. The collection of high-vis garments offers a diverse choice of functionality and comfort.

Power Banks

Power Banks or portable batteries, provide portable charging to battery powered items such as mobile phones/tablets and any other items that have a USB port.

Power Banks are available in a number of different brands and capacities. Check our our full range HERE and always be prepared on the go.

Looking to buy a battery torch? Here at Huntoffice torches section we offer torches based on LED technology which delivers superb light brightness and length. All our torches are manufactured by Energizer. Our range includes compact LED torches in plastic casings with rubber finishing providing extra security. 

Most of the battery torches we sell are also weather-proof and some models also have a shatterproof lens. We also supply heavy duty torches and multifunction torches with lantern function or roadside caution light function.


Want to buy batteries online? Check out our great selection of various types of batteries the majority of them are alkaline ones but we also stock lithiumcarbon zinc and silver oxide ones. We do the most popular sizes of batteries such like AAAAA or C size but there is also a great choice of less typical ones as well. You can choose between small packets that contain 2 or 4 batteries up to bulk packets of 24 or 40. Our range comes from DuracellEnergizer and Eveready.

First Aid Products

Welcome to First Aid Products section at Huntoffice. Whether you are looking to top up your existing kit with essential products or you want to get a full aid set we can help you with both. The first aid kits that are available on our site comply with the recommendation of first aid kit contents from the Health and Safety Authority in Ireland. 

No matter what type of works and tasks are being carried out within a workplace; it is highly advised to have even a basic first aid kit available in case of emergency at any time. When choosing a first aid kit you should consider the number of employees, the nature of work, the size and the location of the workplace, etc.

First aid kits – there are few types of kits available on – you can choose from first aid kits that are dedicated to be used in work places and it is easy to find the correct kit since they are marked for how many people are they suitable for. 

We also carry different types of first aid kits such as car/vehicle first aid kitburn kitscatering first aid kits and travel first aid kits. Here you will also find all the necessary supplies for first aid boxes like bandages, tapes, wipes, eyewashfirst aid dressings, hot and cold packs, scissors and any other medical supplies that you might find useful and necessary for your first aid kit. 

We also have a separate category dedicated to plasters. You can choose from assorted packs of plasters as well as packs of particular plaster size. The plasters that we offer are available both in small packs which are suitable for home and small workplaces as well as in large bulk packs ideal for large work environments. All of the products are from leading first aid supplies manufacturers such as Frank Sammeroff, Wallace Cameron and AA.

Warm Drinks

We offer a great variety of coffee from well-known brands which guarantee great flavour and quality. Our assortment includes ground and instant coffee which are available in different pack sizes. Our range of Coffee comes in a choice of packaging types – tins, bags, sachets, and capsules. Depending on your preferences you can choose either regular coffee or decaffeinated ones.

No office or workplace can properly function without tea and that is why we stock a great selection of tea. No matter if you prefer traditional, earl grey, green or flavoured – we have them all. Pack sizes that are available on our site vary from handy 25 tea bags packs up to huge 1100 tea bags in bulk packaging so that everyone can get the pack size which suits them the most. We also stock very conveniently on the go cups with tea bags and lids which only require adding boiling water.

Hot Chocolate
When the weather is wintry, there is nothing better than a hot chocolate to warm the body and the spirit. We have a range of instant hot chocolates from household names such as Cadbury and Aero. You can buy hot chocolate by the tub or the sachet and it’s a piece of cake to make – just add water, or if you prefer, milk!

Security Cameras

Looking for CCTV cameras to secure your home or office? Here at, you will find CCTV supplies including: wireless security cameras which can be linked up to your TV, PC or laptop; full CCTV camera kits with their own storage drives and motion sensor activators; we also stock dummy security cameras which are a great low cost option. Most of the cameras listed on our site are suitable for outdoor use.  All our CCTV products come from one of the best manufacturers in CCTV industry – Philex. 

Now more than ever, the people of Ireland realise the necessity of protecting their homes and offices from intruders or from unscrupulous staff members who steal cash and/or products on a weekly basis. To help you counteract these serious threats, we have listed on our site a number of CCTV camera options which may help deter or detect malicious activity. It is regrettable to report that domestic and business burglaries are on the rise. Many customers are turning to security technologies such as CCTV cameras to give them peace of mind.

For home users, CCTV cameras will detect suspicious activity around the perimeter of your residence. When used inside the home, CCTV’s can help you monitor the activities of your child minder or housekeeper. CCTV Cameras may also be used as a method of keeping track of an unruly teenager or troublesome neighbour.

For business users, the temptation to steal can often be too much of a lure for some staff members who unfortunately may end up pocketing products from shop shelves or storeroom. Similarly, when it comes to cash, the temptation can be even greater when money is left unattended.  While most business owners would like to give their employees the benefit of the doubt, the financial implication of leaving staff unmonitored is often too big a risk, so business owners are left with little choice but to install CCTV cameras in the hope that they may deter any would-be thief’s. Another reason businesses choose to install CCTV Camera’s on their premises is to counteract would-be fraudsters who may claim to have been injured or assaulted while on the company’s property.