Spring Clean

Spring has finally sprung, we breathe a sigh of relief and welcome it with open arms.  Say farewell to winter (for now), wave goodbye to dark, dreary days and let’s turn our focus to visions of daffodils adorning the roadsides.

Its usually at this time of year, as the light gets better; that we notice the clutter, cobwebs and dust that has accumulated in our homes over the winter.  We suddenly get the overwhelming urge to scrub, bleach and dust everything in sight!

But while our homes get a full spring cleanse and detox, shamefully we tend to forget to extend this into our office / workspace, even though they too have suffered at the hands of neglect through the winter months.

There are several benefits to having a good old-fashioned spring clean in your workplace:

  • Research suggests that staff members are generally much more productive in a clean environment.  They’re also much happier and take more pride in their workplace.
  • A good clean and disinfect of your workplace reduces the chance of germs being spread.  Considering that absenteeism costs Irish businesses millions each year, this can be a really cost effective use of time.
  • Additionally, a clean office creates a great impression for clients and reflects a culture of care and attention to detail.

Here are a few ideas on how to make the office spring clean as pain free as possible:


Get everyone involved.  Schedule a week where everyone will be expected to participate in a big spring clean, with a deadline for completion.  Allocate everyone an area/task as well as their personal space.  Incentivise them!  Offer lunch/cakes/Friday drinks etc for everyone who puts in the effort.


Before you start the big clean up, take a good look around the office.  What areas need most attention?  Break it down into sections and allocate tasks to co-workers/teams.  Arrange delivery of a skip for rubbish and a secure service or shredder to secure the disposal of old paperwork.  Organise spaces, set specific areas for storage and ban clutter in the office. 


For your floors and walls, steam works really well.  It lifts out dust and gives surfaces a polished, care for look.  Its worth getting your vacuum cleaner serviced too or look at investing in a new super-efficient one that can reach into all those tricky nooks and crannies.  If you’ve not had a good clean for some time, it may be worth hiring a professional cleaning company to come and do a thorough deep clean.  They will have access to equipment you aren’t likely to have and can get at those hard to areas and ensure everywhere is super clean. 


Don’t forget the attention to detail.  Wipe down skirting boards, polish all your window sills and clean your windows inside and out.  Dust shelves, polish furniture.  Pay particular attention to reception and conference rooms where visitors are likely to spend time and don’t forget a deep clean in the Kitchen/canteen area. 


Digital clutter is as equally important as physical clutter.  Encourage everyone in the office to do a digital detox as well as an office clean up.  Clear out inboxes and delete emails that are no longer relevant.  Clean up desktops, remove old presentations and redundant links and files.  Archive old folders, files that have been hanging around unused for ages, you’ll be able to find things more quickly and your computer may even speed up as a result.

So, what are you waiting for?

Put a spring in your step! Spring into action and give your workspace a great pick me up! Everywhere will feel and look cleaner, you’ll feel better.  Staff will be happier, more productive and visitors impressed by your attention to detail.  The prefect springboard to success!

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